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Nessy is from Nova Scotia, Canada. Coming from a historic Black community, social justice, culture and equity are driving forces in everything she does. Black people and culture are the subjects of her work. She sees this as a reflection of self, represented through abstract depictions of everyday life and Black icons.

Art has surrounded Nessy throughout her life. As early as age 14, Nessy can remember sketching in her free time. She enjoys experimenting with mixed media, textures, shadowing and highlights in each of her works.

At the beginning of a worldwide pandemic, art became therapeutic for Nessy, taking on a new role in her life. These recent events have allowed Nessy to focus on her craft. What began as a hobby, has quickly turned into a practice and a growing business.

In 2021 Nessy started to explore NFTs and web 3, she launched her first successful NFT collection called MxSe. The MxSe collection quickly sold out gaining over 50 ETH volume traded. Nessy and the MxSe Team are now working on season 2 and excited to see where this journey takes them.